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    2010 - 03.12

    Thank you for subscribing

    3 Responses to “Thank You For Subscribing”

    1. diane vukelic says:

      we are a childrens art school in sydney that has been taken over by sewing. We started with an adult “fix your mending” and have a sew on our machines morning to running as many sewing classes as we do art !

    2. towanda graham says:

      I’m just beginning to get back to my hobby.
      thanks for having such a great site.

    3. Victoria says:

      I am a beginner quilter, I have only fixed a couple of quilts, but am trying my first hand-sewn quilt. I do however purchase quilts, and I have recently purchased one and am trying to find out information about it, it is very dark in color(s) and was completely hand-sewn. I was told it may be from the Civil War time, however this has not been confirmed. I really like it and it is made of very heavy material such as jeans. I don’t want to use it if it is an old quilt. I am located in Mississippi. Thank you for your information.

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