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    2010 - 01.07

    Some great ideas on repairing your sewing machines, saves you from buying a new one!  repair sewing machines

    Stitching Machine repair is not necessarily on the minds of folks when they’re looking to purchase a sewing machine to be used at home. Typically they aren’t brooding about what occurs when this machine breaks, it is easy to mend, where do I get spare parts, what parts break most often , at such like. Another thing most of the people don’t understand, that if you plan on hiring somebody to come and fix your cherished stitching gear when it breaks, plan on paying lots of money as there aren’t many’Sewing Machine Repair’ specialists so the few that are                                                               round, will charge a hefty price. 

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    All of the reasons above are sound reason to learn some fast basics about repairing your stitching machine. These are some idea’s to get you moving :

    *Repair Manual: when you’re purchasing your machine, confirm it comes with a fix manual and then make sure you keep it put away somewhere you will be capable of finding it when things start to break. If your stitching gear did not come with a manual, make sure you ask the sales associate what some of the best repair manuals are and purchase one at that time. Doing both these things will save everyone a bunch of time and head ache’s in the long term.

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    Not What Your Looking For?

    *Internet Tips: If you neglected to do either of the steps above and you end up with a broken machine, you are lucky because now days the web contains a huge amount of information and you may be capable of finding what you want on the internet. Start by searching for the maker’s website to work out if there is any free information there and then move to other sewing forums and website for some tricks and  tips .

    *Upgrade : if you’re using a device for stitching that’s's more than twenty years of age and sewing patterns and fabricit breaks, it make actually be time for an upgrade as it will not be work the cash and time to fix. Machines for  sewing  today have made many advancements, including the simplicity of repair and you would be better off with a revised model. Try to sell your old machine and put the money you get for upgraded gear.

    Outline Stitching Machine Repair doesn’t have to be a headache. There are a few steps which are discussed above that one can to do try and lessen the time, energy, and cash it takes when your sewing machine quits on you right in the middle of a massive project.

    Baby Lock Sewing Machine

    If you are considering purchasing a baby lock sewing machine, but you are not completely sure which baby lock sewing machine will best fit your needs.

    Singer Sewing Machines

    Singer – Sewing Machine Parts – Find information on replacement parts for your Singer sewing machine or Singer industrial sewing machine here. Part charts, instruction manuals and service manuals available for download.

    Can Anyone Recommend A Supplier For Sewing Machine Repair Parts?

    I have a old Singer Stylist 500 series (532) sewing machine that has finally given up the ghost. I am looking for two replacement parts. 1. Rotating hook drive.  

    Keeping your Sewing Machine clean

    Today on Diane Gaudynski’s blog, she posted some information about keeping your sewing machine clean.

    Question About Sewing Machine Repair?

    can i fix this myself (i can’t say i’m super familiar with the inner workings of the machine itself)? do i need to take it into a shop?

    Secrets To Sewing Machine Maintenance

    The manufacturer will recommend a certain oil to use on your machine and that is the one you should use. When in doubt, refer back to the sewing machine manual. 

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