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    2010 - 01.08

    To improve your sewing quality or speed up your work there are several different tips and tricks you can try. Sewing just like any other hobbie or past time can become to many very engaging. You can easily express your creative side by designing and making clothes for either yourself or others. There is a very small amount of sewing experts today, however, there are a lot of people who sew and have almost perfected the master of it. So if you want your finished projects to look beautiful and perfect what do you need to do? There is no limit to what you can do when you finally have the knack for sewing, practice makes perfect.


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    Read on for more functional tips.


    The best place to start is with a few tips related to tension.

    Inserting the needle with the flat side towards the back is what most of the top loading bobbin machines require. This process of threading the sewing machine will not go so well if the presser foot is not raised during the process. When the presser foot is raised it causes the tension to become lower and may in fact make the thread loop. At any time you see looping in the thread, 90% of the time it is because this step was done incorrectly.


    Sometimes if you are still experiencing tension related issues you can go a step farther to see what could be wrong by putting in a color thread that’s different than the one you were using, If the upper part of your sewing is showing that may mean oftentimes that your bobbin tension needs to be tightened. You may have to refer back to the sewing machine manual if that none of the above fixes the problem. Calibrating your sewing machine correctly will be precisely outlined in the owner’s manual. The manual may even have some advice that you may appreciate and find very helpful. More experienced sewers usually wont refer to their sewing machines manual because they feel there wont be anything useful to them but surprisingly there are tips for them as well.


    Another very crucial element is maintaining your sewing machine. In order to properly clean some of the parts, they will need to be removed completely. If this seems to be difficult to do and it is worrying you call and get help from the makers support.

    {But if you are consistent with cleaning the machine after each use then you will ensure that there will be far less repairs to the machine in the future.lTo ensure that you will have less repairs in the future with your machine then be consistent and diligent about cleaning and maintaing your sewing machine.} Changing the needles often is another thing you should try and do.


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    Here are a few other tips that are of importance to bring up. Getting rid of the needles for the most part should be a pretty easy, uncomplicated thing to do. Even though it may seem simple there are quite a few sewers that drop needles on the floor or store them in a place where they can easily be knocked over. You may want to try a container like an empty plastic film roll box.


    Learning to sew can be a fun and exciting hobbie. When you decide to take up sewing you may be overwhelmed by the many sewing machines that are available and it may deem hard to find the perfect one for you. But it is vital that you find the correct one for you, so that your sewing skills will not be compromised, like the speed of your sewing and the quality of your work.


    Don’t forget the phrase, practice makes perfect so the more you practice the better your end result will be.

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