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Decision-Making For Sewing Patterns

Posted on Sunday, August 30, 2009 in Sewing Machines

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Sewing has been around for centuries and has recently come back into fashion. Sewing is a popular and rewarding pastime, which has become more and more popular now that people are money conscious and thrifty.

However, sewing can be challenging and can become overwhelming for those who have just started to learn.

One of the most important steps in sewing is knowing how to choose sewing patterns.

Knowing how to pick an appropriate sewing pattern can save a beginner a lot of frustration and disappointment, not to mention time, effort and money. Simplicity sewing patterns are the best way to get started.

When choosing a sewing pattern it is important to consider the difficulty of the project and the experience needed to complete it successfully. Most sewing pattern companies will use a number system to rank the difficulty of their patterns and alternatively you can learn how to do costume sewing patterns. 

This information is generally listed on both the patterns package as well as in the pattern catalogues.

If a beginner is hoping to purchase a simple pattern to gain experience and become more comfortable there are also some pattern companies which focus solely on simple, easy to follow patterns which are meant for this very purpose.

Difficulty level is not the only thing to consider when picking a sewing pattern. For most sewing beginners, cost should also be a huge deciding factor.

It is easy to be mislead by the low affordable price of the pattern itself. However, the cost of fabric, zippers, button and any other additional materials can add up.

Most patterns will list all materials and quantities on the back of the package. If a pattern calls for a large amount of specialty fabric and numerous additional materials, it may not be the best choice for a beginner.

Measurements are another piece of information which can help when picking a sewing pattern. Most sewing patterns will be sized by measurements as opposed to large, medium and small.

The best approach is to purchase a pattern which covers many sizes in one package. This way the sewer can judge for themselves at home which measurements are best.

Sometimes choosing the right sewing pattern has little to do with the sewer themselves, and more to do with their sewing machine. Some patterns will require a machine with specific capabilities, parts and functions.

If the machine being used can not perform some of the needed elements, such as embroidery, buttonholes or even zigzag stitching, then the sewer may find themselves investing more money into what should have been an affordable project.

Choosing a sewing pattern can be as much fun as choosing the fabric. Reading and considering all available information carefully will help to ensure that the project will be e 1000 asy, enjoyable and successful!

By: Merrilyn Hannah

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