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Choosing The Right Fabric, Tips And Basics

Posted on Sunday, August 30, 2009 in Sewing Machines

If you are looking for the perfect fabric to make the perfect shirt, dress or other item, you should think about the texture and feel of that you’d like in the finished product.

The fabric that you choose can make or break your sewing project. There are so many types of fabric available that it is important you know exactly what you are hoping to achieve and then purchase the right type of fabric.

tips and basics for fabricFabrics come in a seemingly endless variety. If you are looking for a bit of warmth in a cold climate, a cuddly fleece could be just the right fabric for you. Fleece would make a beautifully warm and cozy robe or pajamas or even a lovely blanket. Jersey knit is also another very popular fabric for t-shirts, both short- and long-sleeved, as well as sheets, which prove to be more comfortable than flannel and a lot warmer than  traditional cotton blends .

You just have to freely use your imagination and you will be able to find just the right fabric to make the perfect outfit. The cozy, warm, soft and dreamy fabrics are available to you at any fabric store. If you are unsure as to which fabric will best suit what you need, any one of the people working in a fabric store can help guide you and advise the best fabric for your project.

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 Quilting fabric is usually made out of very good quality cotton. Which is what traditional quilts are made from. Quilting cotton also comes in a variety of different colors and hues and values, to add dimension to your finished quilt. You can make a quilt out of any kind of fabric.Quilt fabric is easier to work with and quilting thread doesn’t work in sewing machines. Quilting fabric is usually pre-cut.

 Velvet fabric  is usually made out of many different types of fibres. Velvet is difficult to clean, but at least we have dry cleaning to use. Velvet fabric is ideally made from silk. Though, cotton can still be used but it produces a less luxurious feel and appearance. It can be used for clothing, furniture and even bedding. 

If your looking for fleece fabric, knit fabric,  cotton fabric  , drapery fabric, cotton velvet cotton velvet fabricfabric, vinyl fabric, upholstery fabric and other different types of fabrics. You can find them at online fabric stores and you can usually find great discount fabric. The right fabric depends on what sewing project or what your using it for, as there is many types of fabrics.

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I see wonderful things happening right now in the fabric industry, with many more organic options becoming available. 


A selection of fabric swatches from Reprodepot Fabrics.

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One of my goals has been to start using organic fabrics.

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