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  • Bernina Sewing Machine – The Top Five Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Bernina Sewing Machines

    2010 - 02.27

    When a deciding on a bernina sewing machine, there are often questions to be asked. I have created a listing of frequently asked questions, and their answers, in order to help you decide which bernina sewing machine is the best for you.  

    How many stitch types are there on a Bernina Machine?
    Every Bernina sewing Machine will contain several stitches that you’ll be able to choose from. The variety of stitches and designs will vary according to the type that you purchase. Nonetheless, a few machines will require different presser feet for different stitches. Bernina sewing machines additionally provide the quickest stitch rate on the market. The 830 type can sew up to 1, 100 stitches per minute.

    Could I embroidry using a Bernina Sewing Machine?
    Bernina sewing machines make available several different features in addition to options for both sewing and embroidering. Some bernina sewing machines offer both sewing as well as embroidery while you will find machines that are just for embroidry only.

    What capabilities can be purchased with Bernina sewing machine?
    Each Bernina sewing machine offer many capabilities in addition to distinctive functions. For instance, the Bernina 830 provides 50% extra area than other leading styles available today. There is a fifteen inch lengthy extender arm that may supply the consumer over 12 inches of work area to the left of the needle. If you’re working with bulky projects this might be very valuable.

    Are Bernina sewing machines light as well as protable?
    You will see that several of the Bernina sewing machine models are quite lightweight as well as portable. In fact, several machines have cases for carrying the machine from one place to another safely. Many machines weigh fewer than ten pounds, making them best for transporting.

    My concern about bernina sewing machines did not get listed in these five questions. Any ideas?  
    Internet sites on bernina sewing machines are rare.  Nevertheless, one really good bernina sewing machine resource that does supply a ton of of information is the very popular discussion board at http://bernina-sewing-machine.bidandblog.com .   Within this free forum (that is specifically about bernina sewing machines), you’ll get every answer to every question that you could likely possess.  Additionally the forum has realtime bernina sewing machine auctions and a free bernina sewing machine email alert service.  Plus, it’s fun to use and absolutely available for free.  

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