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    The Inside Scoop On Small Sewing Machines

    2009 - 12.21

    Are you one that loves to sew and would absolutely love to do much more of it?Matter of fact more and more people are sewing their own clothes.You will discover that by having a sewing machine things will go quicker and smoother.


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    When you are contemplating how much you want to sew and if a portable electric sewing machine will help out carefully think about what choices you have. The truth of the matter is that portable models are perfect for either first time sewers or  for experienced sewers.


    There are several reasons why a portable electric sewing machine might be something you are very interested in.For instance, if you are living in an apartment you might find that the portable machines are much smaller and much easier to handle than a larger machine.


    Similarly, if you are one who is on the move, a machine with portability would be something that is perfect for you.To make certain that you get the right result from your machine make sure you think about the situation you are going to be in.


    When you are searching for your portable electric sewing machine make sure you research the reviews for each model you are interested in.You want to make sure you get your moneys worth and by looking at the reviews you will be able to weed out models made by certain companies that have trouble with staying power!


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    You will discover that it is still important to get a quality sewing machine even if you are looking at a machine that may not last as long as a metal one, which is built for permanent use.So again, look for those machines that have great reviews and have lasting quality.Make sure to take your time and really think about what your choices are and what you need to do to aquire the impressive sewing results you want.


    You may want to head to a fabric store and try a machine out when you are looking for a sewing machine.Fabric stores usually have several different machines that are set up in the sewing area, if there is one there that interests you ask an associate to let you try it out.If sewing is new to you, you may discover that taking a class can assist you in getting started and that it can do a great deal to help you on your way.


    Take your time and contemplate what options you have when you are thinking about buying a portable electric sewing machine.This could be perfect for you and at the end of the day, you may discover that this can change the way you dress!


    Steps For Sewing Machine Maintenance

    2009 - 12.21

    By taking care of your sewing machine, you can make the most of your experience whether you are sewing for fun or sewing for profit. It makes sense to protect your investment if you are a serious sewer. In doing so, your sewing machine will always be ready to serve you when you needed. Here are some quick and simple tips to guarantee your machine stays in good working condition for many years:


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    Read on for a number of handy guidelines.


    Make sure you are prepared.  Unplug the machine and arm yourself with these “weapons” – screwdriver, a lint brush, scrap cloth and oil for your sewing machine before you do anything. This is all you need to do to make sure your sewing machine is running in top shape.


    Please read the manual. Although it’s sad it’s very true. Many people refuse to read the manual that comes with their sewing machine. Remember that the manual has a reason. It has vital info regarding the machines features and maintenance. The manufacturer has gone through great pains to give you a manual to guide you so you can use your sewing machine for a long time. Make sure to read it so that you will know everything about your sewing machine and all of its special features.


    You can brush your troubles away. Lint and dust are your machines enemy and they lie under the throat plate. So in order to make sure that your sewing goes smoothly, use the lint brush to remove both of the enemies. A small vacuum nozzle can also be used to remove the lint and dust as well. Don’t blow out the lint, this will only cause it to get lodged in there further. This can also add moisture which can lead to rust later.



    Open all the possible areas that you can so that you can clean the lint out of the machine. Your sewing machine came with a brush so that you can remove lint in cracks and crevices and from under the bobbin case, so make sure you use it. Every time you finish a project you need to clean the lint out of your machine.


    There is also sewing machine oil that needs to be applied to the gears and other moving parts. Do not settle for any kind of oil. Baby oil, engine oil and sewing machine oil are all very different oils. Use the oil that the manufacturer recommends to use. When in doubt, refer back to the sewing machine manual. The excess oil needs to wiped off and you should use scrap cloth to run stitches. This will soak up the extra oil and prevent it from ruining your next sewing project.


    Oil also helps to reduce rust from forming on your machine. Even the tiniest amount of moisture in the air will form rust on your machine’s moving parts leading to unnecessary wear. It’s a hindrance to the smooth flow of fabric over and through the machine’s surfaces as well.


    Lastly, take a screwdriver and make sure to tighten up any loose screws that you may encounter. If you encounter something you can’t fix, you may need to call a sewing machine mechanic for expert help.