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    Choosing a Fancy Dress Costume

    2009 - 11.30

    It can be difficult deciding what kind of style of costume to get as well as whether it fits the theme of the upcoming event and how much you should pay for the costume to ensure you are playing the part and fit in well at a fancy dress party. It may be difficult to decide on a fancy dress costume in an open themed party. That is, if you are not going to a fancy dress party where a theme is part of the requirement. For a few fancy dress ideas, you could look at Wizard of Oz Costumes, Arabian Fancy Dress, or pirate, ninja, elf, or captain costumes. In addition to possible difficulty of knowing what style of costume to select, there is also the question of price of costume and accessories.

    Price also needs to be considered. Allocate a budget for your fancy dress costume. There is usually a costume to fit any budget. The saying that you get what you pay for rings true. A cheap costume will be made from cheap materials, so expect to throw it away after use. Buttons may pop off or stitching come undone on a cheap costume.

    Another thing to consider is whether you need props or accessories for your costume. Props may also be included in the costume package. Unfortunately most do not, so if you need a certain kind of wig or prop to complete the xxx look for example, then you’ll need to purchase it separately. Consider what gimmicks, accessories and props you wish to buy with your costume.

    Do not get too caught up in what character you come as, the main aim is to have fun. That said, do not cheat by skimping out on actually having a costume by wearing regular clothes and then somehow claiming to be in some kind of costume as some kind of character. When other people have gone to this effort, that kind of behavior will not look good.

    So get yourself into a great Abba Fancy Dress, any of the other alternatives mentioned earlier, or continue searcing for more ideas and get yourself a great costume and have fun!

    Learning About the Best Sewing Machine Reviews

    2009 - 11.30

    Stitching Machine Reviews have been helping the remain at home mom as well as the large commercial business purchasing agent find the best sewing machine for their cash.  There are such a lot of products on the market today that it is critical to take the time to read about stitching Machine Reviews and do some homework before spending your hard-earned money on one of these machines. 

    These machines that sew have gone thru quite the revolution in the past decade.  At one time, particularly in the 1950′s, it would be hard not to discover a house with the woman of the house, sewing everything from garments to dish rags, to bed sheets.  Times have changed today and the number of ladies who essentially know the way to stitch is decreasing.  However, the use for sewing machines has also modified from saving money by doing repairs at home to more of hobbies and crafts.  It is this change which has brought lots more manufacturers on the market today with different features and this is also why it is so vital to do your review research to make certain you are getting the right machine for your wishes. 

    Reviewing stitching Machines
    You’re the only 1 that will actually review what the best machine would be for your requirements.  Before you start, right down a listing of things that you will be using your new toy for.  For instance, will you be sewing just cotton/cloth or will you be sewing more complicated fabrics like leather or perhaps silk.  The type of material you’ll be sewing makes more of a difference than you may think when getting a home machine to use for stitching.  Also think about how big of projects you’ll be attempting and how often you will use your new machine.  Cost for something like this have a particularly broad range so its good to think about how many hours per day, week, year you may actually sew.  If its going to be quite often, it may make more sense to get one of the higher end machines because you’ll get your money’s worth out of it. 

    When trying to review various stitching machines it’s important to come clean with yourself and actually figure out what you’ll be stitching and how often.  There are plenty of internet sites online today that can aid with product reviews.  An alternative choice may also be to visit a store and talk to a pro sales associate which has years of experience.  If you do your research, you will more likely finish up with a product that you are happy with for years to come.

    Go to Sewing Machine Reviews to get free information on this product. This website will give you all of the information you need on Sewing Machine Reviews along with a lot of other free information. Don’t miss out on this new website if you are looking for Sewing Machine Reviews.

    Latest Embroidery Design For Sale On The Net With Articles On Embroidery Software

    2009 - 11.30

    There are two major forms of embroidery from the past which are collected today; they are: stump work and samplers.   Often found with stump work are padded areas which are used to make the designs three dimensional and interesting to the eye.  Serious collectors today are still discovering wonderful stump work to add to their collections.

    These very young students, sometimes as young as seven or eight years old, would show their sewing skills by creating colorful samplers.   Maps were drawn on silk and then stitched.    This makes all embroidered fabrics from the past very collectable today by those who understand all of the hours and patience which went into creating the works of art.

    Cross stitch is one of the most popular forms of embroidery today.    What fabric is used depends entirely on the stitcher themselves and the desired end results.   Plastic and paper are stiffer than traditional cross stitich fabrics and can be molded into interesting shapes and used for projects where fabric simply isn’t practical.

    The threads used for cross stitch vary from cottons, wools, silks and metallic.   There are tons of books and websites which are dedicated solely to cross stitch techniques and instructions.    Find a project which is not too complicated, doesn’t have too many colors, and which uses a larger weave Aida fabric.

    Start by reading all of the instructions which came with your first project kit.    You will then cross stitch using one to three of the threads at a time.  When you start your first stitch, do not knot your thread.

    When you are done stitching with one color and need to start a new one the process is simple.    As soon as you learn how to do it you start finding projects everywhere that you want to complete.

    If you want to know more about embroidery design patterns then you should have a look at floral embroidery design patterns as well as embroidery machine

    One of the only dangers to sewing and embroidery work is something called ‘repetitive stress injury’ (RSI).    Generally, embroidery involves the simple movements of passing a thread through fabric from the front to the back, the back to the front and holding the fabric in place to do so.   And, if you find yourself afflicted with RSI you should immediately stop your stitching and allow for your tendons and muscles to heal.

    You can use a floor frame or a simple lap frame. Using a very small weave fabric can add to RSI.   When you use a long thread you have to constantly stretch out your arm to pull the thread through your fabric.

    By not moving the upper parts of your arm with every stitch you can avoid shoulder and upper-arm repetitive stress injuries.   Take the time to understand why you are seeing soreness and how to avoid it in the future.   Simple relaxation techniques can do wonders for RSI.  If you are suffering from RSI it does not have to mean the end of your stitching for good.

    Find Info on Sewing Machine Review

    2009 - 11.30

    Stitching is not just a functional and much-needed ability in our society, except for many it is also an extremely pleasurable entertainment.  Whether you stitch frequently or you are an occasional or beginner, selecting a sewing machine is kind of the investment. 

    Have no idea what brand to choose?  Not sure of which model will suit your requirements best?  It is time to check out some reviews. 

    Thanks to the internet, you can find sewing machine reviews quickly and can start in on your sewing machine search right away.  Reviews are typically not written by the maker, but by users just like you-so you may be sure that you are getting honest viewpoints and reviews.  These reviews are hype-free and get straight to the point.  More often than not, the users of these machines have been using these machines for an extended period, and not for just a mere hour. 

    If you have latterly actually acquired a machine, have you ever considered writing up a review yourself?  Think of how helpful these reviews are online ; you appreciated the help of other users.  You should try to get the word out there on a machine that you hate or enjoy, too.  Some considerations including in your review are :

    – How simple is this machine to use? 
    – Is this machine difficult to maintain and care for? 
    – How simply is this machine threaded?  Does it take seconds or hours? 
    – Are you OK with the performance of the machine?  What can be improved upon? 
    – Why did you buy the machine and is the machine functional with that purpose in mind? 
    – What features are included and do you like them?  If not, why not? 

    Another common feature to any kind of review is a’feedback’ or’star’ system.  Check the reviews : do they receive one star ( meaning it is a bad review ) or five stars?  See how many people voted on the’star’ feedback rating, too ; the more folk who have rated it, the more reliable the feedback rating. 

    Before you blow off this article and are about to rashly purchase a stitching machine, stop and consider the investment that you are making.  Stitching machines are, by no means,’cheap’ and inexpensive.  A lot of them cost well over $500, depending on the different features and quality of machine that you purchase.  You may think that purchasing the most expensive machine suggests that you’re getting the best of the finest, but this often isn’t the case.  This is why reading the review is important before you lay down the money on a new machine.  It’s also to determine if the features the machine offers are profitable or if they even work correctly. 

    Though sieving through online reviews could be a bit tedious and time consuming, think of the time that you can be saving yourself overall by buying what you know is a quality machine.  Consider the money you may save and the headaches you will also defend yourself from.  Before laying down the money, be certain to get the lowdown on the best-and worst-sewing machines that are on the market.


    Go to Sewing Machine Review to get free information on this product. This website will give you all of the information you need on Sewing Machine Review along with a lot of other free information. Don’t miss out on this new website if you are looking for information on Sewing Machine Review.

    Save money with wedding craft ideas

    2009 - 11.30

    Wedding Crafts Ideas for Saving Money


    Hi, My name is Teresa Surrency and I love arts and crafts.Why are wedding crafts so fun? It is because you are getting so involved in the creation of your wedding decorations. Your friends and family will also be glad to get involved which make for great bonding time.

    You may know me from my scrapbooking website or my scrapbooking secrets membership site.It is my goal to bring the arts and crafts world to others helping them recognise the joy of crafting.This article is all about creating your own wedding items by using creative crafts.

    Weddings are a wonderful special occasion and they can get very expensive in a hurry.  With wedding crafts you are able to not only save a few hundred dollars on your wedding decorations but you and your friends can have a great time building upon your relationships as you work together for a common goal.Reduce your expenses by creating your own decorations and add your own personal touch.A few ideas that can help you add some creative touches to your big day.

    It is very easy to create your own wedding veil.The items you will need are very few.  You will need a length of bridal illusion in the desired length.  You will also need a comb to attach it to your hair and a hat or headpiece to cover the comb.  Sew large running stitches about an inch from the end of the illusion and gather it tightly.  Now  sew the veil to the comb.  Top with hat or headpiece.   As an alternative, you can decorate a wide-brimmed straw hat with silk flowers, ribbon, and pearls.  There are many ways you can add sparkle to your veil by using beads, sequens, pearls and other items that will make your veil even more beautiful.  Another idea is to purchase a very inexpensive veil and add your own creative touch making it look like an expensive creation.

    The bouquets and floral arrangements can also be personally crafted.  For a simple outdoor wedding, consider wild flowers.  They are free and have a charm all their own.  Bouquets can be arranged in large clear vases, with a bow tied elegantly around.

    Favors for the guests are particularly appropriate wedding crafts.  Refrigerator magnets are a simple and well-received favor.  A really nice idea is to make a magnetic picture frame and include a picture of the couple.  You could cut a frame out of craft foam in one of the wedding colors, arrange over the photo, and glue all onto a cardboard backing.  Place self-adhesive magnet tape on the back of the cardboard.  Decorate the front of the frame with foil heart stickers and a monogram of the couple’s last name. 

    Bows for the ends of the pews or rows make simple wedding crafts.  Wide velvet ribbons are nice for fall and winter weddings, while satin is more appropriate for spring and summer weddings.  Loop some flat lace in with the ribbons.  In the center of the completed bow, attach some silk flowers and pearl sprays with a hot glue gun.

    Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at decorating your own cake.Check the craft section of the department store for pans and gadgets of all types to help you create a cake to remember.You need to remember that it takes a steady hand.  Be sure to practice before starting on the real cake.

    Setting up a wedding can get very expensive, but when you use crafts to decorate your wedding, you can take out a great deal of the pain of spending tons of money.  Plan early, however, because it will take a little while to make favors for everyone and all the other little details you will want to take care of.  Maybe creating wedding crafts will even relieve some of those wedding jitters.  In any event, crafting your own wedding items is a way to have a personal, beautiful, and less expensive wedding.