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Best Sewing Machines, Tips and Reviews

Sewing by hand is an art that has been around for 20,000 years


sewing threadCan you imagine that? Wow! In the very beginning the first sewing needles where made of bones (yuck) and animal horns. Did you know that the thread was made of animal sinew (tendon)!  Needles of iron were then invented in the 14th century, the first eye needle then appeared in the 15th century. The first sewing machine was built 1832 by a French tailor, Barthelemy Thi-monnier.

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Thi-monnier’s machine was made entirely out of wood and used a hooked needle. It helped to win contracts from the French  government to sew military uniforms.


Out of his success he built a factory and had there 80 sewing machines working away until when a mob of French tailors fearing for the loss of their jobs, they destroyed his factory and all his sewing machines. Not giving up he set up a shop but then it got destroyed-again by the French mobs. After him there were a few others who invented sewing machines so the history continues. What a great History lesson hey! 


And now sewing machines are one big help especially for fashion, clothes and designers. It saves a lot of time instead of doing it by hand and making many mistakes. 


Sewing machines, nowadays, are not made out of wood but other materials with most popular out of them being  metal or strong plastics. 


There are countless styles and types of sewing machines, so you may find it difficult  to purchase a machine that suits you without plenty of research or guidance. From vintage to embroidery sewing machines there is a big choice to choose from. To find the best sewing machine you will have to know what you are looking for before you begin searching. A machine can be used for a number of different purposes, and if your an expert in sewing then even better, as you can use it to master your talent! For those who have never used a machine to sew and are beginners, its an adventure, you make mistakes but you can correct them gradually.

best singer sewing machine


Sewing Machine Types

Every machine makes a primary  stitching, the same way, with two starting points of thread. The needle that is on top takes the thread into the fabrics used. It is then, taken hold of, and looped through the bobbin device and then brought  back up. The rough area below the fabric moves it along and the next stitching step continues.


This is restrained by a spinning wheel. If you adjust something like for example; the tension, length, width of each each stitch, this is made by pressing a button. Mechanical machines are basic and money wise are very inexpensive unlike other  machines. So, a mechanical would be a choice if you are set on a specific budget.



 A machine that can have a number of motors for various different duties all run via electricity.

This type of machine has functions that can be accomplished just by a push of a button.



Throughout history, as machines used to sew became more elaborate and complex, more motors were added. A computer organises all of these functions. Repeats sequences of stitching being programmed, so you no longer have to imitate these sequences. Which is great but may cost a fortune.


So this was a small introduction on some of the types of machines that are around today, just to get you started. Now, i will take you through some advantages and disadvantages of some of the best sewing machines:


sewing machine reviewsKenmore 15358


Kenmore sewing machines have been around for a very long time, and at the moment they are successful in the market. The first machine was introduced in 1927. 


Kenmore model 15358, is practically easy to use and it has a one step button-hole. It also includes excellent, straightforward manual which includes sewing basics.Don’t forget it has disadvantages too, mechanical machines are known to be not very precise and it doesn’t do thick jeans hems. Although it has disadvantages but some great advantages, its a great choice for beginners. 

singer sewing machine reviewsSinger Confidence 7470


Singer machines are one of the top most used home appliances.  The company was established in 1851. They have introduced different types of technology which is still utilized today one of them is the zigzag stitch and other simplicity sewing patterns. Believe it or not they were the first company to produce a electronic machine.


Singer Confidence 7470 is computerized and has included alphabet which is good for sewing labels  and monogramming. It has variety of different stitches to meet various needs that you may have. The stitches can be accessed with just a push of a button. It also includes a simple drop-in bobbin, it handles all sorts of fabrics from thick to thin.   Great  for  rolled hem sewing, for projects, making curtains and other little essentials.  Despite that this isn’t an "embroidery" machine, the stitches it does are very lovely, practical, and it doesn’t have so many fancy stitches.This machine can seriously light the fire of creativity in you! 


bernina sewing machine reviews

Bernina Activa 220


Bernina sewing machines are on of the best for embroidery.  The model Activa 220 has great advantages to it; it has great stitching quality, solid construction, optional knee lifter and one step buttonhole. The only two things that may put you off is that its very expensive and that it has a manual tension adjustment. Bernina has a reputation for quality and it lives up to that . Solidly built and easy to use, this sewing machine includes a one stop automatic button holer. This machines offers more than 100 stitch types , an up/down function and also an automated needle threader. If you want quality then this is for you but be prepared for the cost.


pfaff sewingPfaff Performance 2058


Pfaff sewing machines, believe it or not have been around for 100 years! It can offer millions of its purchasers all around the globe; a machine that is durable, technology, and great sewing experience. This machine has a built-in walking foot, an oversized display screen, a slow-speed function and adjustable foot pressure. Once again, another disadvantage is that its expensive and that replacement bobins are hard to find.


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